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Teaching UNHO 101

UNHO 101 Description

UNHO 101 is required of all 1794 Scholars Program students. It is a 1-hour course with sections of approximately 20 students that meets once per week for the whole semester. Individual sections center on a topic of the instructor’s design and include at least one type of experiential learning. This course emphasizes the learning outcomes set out in the Experience Learning Resource Guide and serves as an intellectual introduction to the college classroom. Applications to teach are due March 13. We will host a workshop on April 27 to help instructors develop their syllabi.

UNHO 101 Application

  • Applicant Information

  • Course Information

  • Departmental Approval

  • I have discussed this course proposal with my department head or supervisor, and we both understand that if my proposal is accepted and my class “makes,” the Honors & Scholars Programs will • For tenured/tenure-track faculty, transfer $1500 at the end of the Fall semester to a professional account from which I may pay for books, conference fees, research, etc. • For lecturers, full-time staff, and retired faculty, process $1500 of additional pay at the end of the Fall semester