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Honors classroom

Honors Ambassadors

Honors ambassadors are selected each year in the spring to serve as the faces of honors at various events around campus. They also meet with prospective honors students by serving as a representative of our programs. A student can serve as an honors ambassador in many different ways: an honors ambassador might escort a student to one of their classes, table a college fair, or present at an information session. Ambassadors need to be knowledgeable about the Honors & Scholars Programs and the University of Tennessee in order to answer questions from prospective students.

Honors ambassadors are leaders and members of other campus organizations, including Honors Council, Student Government Association, the Daily Beacon, TeamVOLS, All Campus Events, Central Programming Council committees, Student Alumni Associates, Greek organizations, professional associations, service groups, and religious organizations. They participate in such activities as alternative break trips, intramural and club sports, and All-Campus Theatre, and serve as orientation leaders, resident assistants, and leadership guides.