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Margaret Conley

Animal Science


Margaret Conley, who was a major in animal science, researched the welfare of dairy cattle for her thesis project, entitled “The Scientifically Ethical Treatment of Dairy Cattle.”  Margaret carried out research for this project by measuring the normal activity and behavior of dairy cattle and comparing it to the measurements she acquires from sick or injured cattle. She hopes that this information “will add valuable scientific evidence to the unending moral argument on animal welfare.”

Margaret graduated the University of Tennessee College of Veterinarian Medicine in 2016 and now serves as an associate veterinarian at the Bear Creek Veterinary Hospital.

As an undergraduate, Margaret completed an internship under Dr. Jim Thompson, a Dean at the University of Tennessee’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Margaret analyzed common animal care procedures in the dairy industry and, with her advisor, defined the proper treatment and technique from a veterinarian’s standpoint.