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Jenna Demeter



Jenna Demeter is zealous about learning, serving, and creating. In high school, she was dedicated to leading service-oriented initiatives including blood drives, food drives, and her school’s National Honor Society. Jenna’s most transformative service experience was at a Nicaraguan camp, where she cultivated an understanding of human similitude and ambition for Spanish fluency, which she will pursue through a Hispanic Studies minor. She has developed awareness around challenges faced by the entire biosphere as well as humanity’s impact on personal, industrial, and bureaucratic scales; thus, Jenna strives to live responsibly through veganism and mindfulness around consumption. She expressed these topics through experimental artwork, which exhibited in the Top 300 Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition. Consequently, she aims to explore how sustainability, social responsibility, and service can be integrated into architecture. Jenna ultimately hopes to protect life through working with populations lacking development or improving the environmental sustainability of human constructs and processes.