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Imani Chatman

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Imani Chatman is a senior Haslam Scholar pursuing a pre-medicine track in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. In addition to schoolwork, Imani is part of a research project headed by Dr. Jie Zhuang in the Department of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment. Junior scholar Kenna Rewcastle is also a member of Dr. Zhuang's research team, and the two traveled together to China in July 2013 to conduct more research.

For now, Imani is focused on her studies and maintaining excellent grades. She is also preparing materials to apply for a Fulbright scholarship to return to South Africa. After her first visit to South Africa during high school, Imani decided to devote her life to building a birthing clinic in the township of Heavenly Valley to decrease the rates of HIV transmission from mother to child. Earning the Fulbright would allow her to return and collect important data before going to medical school.