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Iby Welborn



Iby Welborn is a Psychology major with a concentration in cognitive psychology and has tentative plans to explore how neurological deterioration in the frontal and temporal lobes corresponding to different types of dementia is related to the reported self-concept of one's personality for her honors thesis.

For her internship, Iby plans to become more involved at the Cole Neuroscience Center at UT Medical Center where she will work on research related to testing patients with cognitive problems for different types of dementia. She hopes that this internship will include a shadowing experience with one of the professionals or prominent researchers at the center. Iby currently serves as the co-chair for the Honors Council Community Service Committee and leads in the UTK Martial Art's Club Aikido dojo by helping instruct new students each semester.

Iby's plans for the future involve pursuing a degree in graduate school, possibly in cognitive psychology, and to go into psychology research, ultimately becoming a professor. Of the HSP's recent trip to China, Iby says, "I learned not only more about the cultural heritage of China, but about the country's changing political and social climate and the dramatic modernization and "Westernization" which has rocked the country in the past half-century."