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Chad Smith

Chad Smith

Education, Health, and Human Services


Over the years, Chad Smith has developed and grown not only as an influential leader in his school and community, but also as a person of integrity and drive. His “go-getter” attitude was exemplified by the leadership and perseverance he showed when organizing Tennessee High School’s Winter Semi-Formal. Despite lack of funding and little support, he was able to successfully organize the first school dance outside of prom in over a decade. His keen dedication is evident in his remarkable involvement with local nonprofits, including Believe in Bristol and Birthplace of Country Music, Inc. These organizations preserve and promote the advancement of Chad’s hometown as both a cultural center and a historic landmark, aligning them with both his passions and visions. And finally, his uniqueness is portrayed best in his appreciation of people, from artistic masters like Andy Warhol to country debutantes like Dolly Parton, and from local heroes like Leah Ross to global superstars like Beyoncé. The inspiration Chad draws from others may be his strongest trait, in that, within every success or failure, there remains much to be learned.

Chad is an outstanding and intelligent leader, but above all, he is a tremendous individual who constantly aspires to be a better, more rounded person. With his strong character and kind heart, he will – without a doubt – procure positive change and succeed on both a college campus and beyond.

Chad Smith

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