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Seeking Faculty for Spring 2018 CHP Lecture Series

We are seeking faculty to present topics of interest in lecture, discussion, or workshop format for the CHP Faculty Lecture Series in 2017-2018. Past topics include a mindfulness and meditation, conflict management, mandatory vaccinations, diseases associated with wild bird feeders…you name it!

Often presented to an audience of about 25 students, these lectures serve as extracurricular academic experiences that expose our students to academic material and encourage our students to learn about subjects beyond their major field of study.

Typically, faculty lectures take place at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday evenings. Continue reading

Meet Christopher Neal

Class: Chancellor’s Honors 2018
Hometown: Murfeesboro, TN
Major: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

IMG_2760Since the spring of 2015, I have been conducting undergraduate research in the electrochemistry field of chemical engineering. Working with Dr. Thomas Zawodzinski Jr. under the advisory of Dr. Gabriel Goenaga, I have been able to collaborate with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and numerous international companies. My learning experience thus far has been phenomenal. I have had the opportunity to learn about experiments and concepts that would not normally be taught in a classroom setting while applying classroom lessons to real-life scenarios. The most impactful part of my research experience has been working with people from across the world towards a goal that would benefit entire nations. Undergraduate research is especially important to the Honors experience because it allows the student to apply what he or she learns in the classroom to actual phenomena. Honors and Scholars at UT has given me the chance to make further connections in the chemical engineering field and has challenged me to dig deeper and think harder about certain concepts. Continue reading

Meet Colleen Ryan

Class: Haslam Scholars 2017
Major: Global Studies (Politics and Economics) and Sociology (Honors)
Hometown: Cookeville, Tennessee

Before I even began my first year at UT, I started taking advantage of the amazing opportunities the Honors & Scholars Programs provide their students. The summer before I came to campus, I participated in an honors study abroad program to Costa Rica called Honors Bridge. During this trip, we learned about the politics and sustainability of the eco-tourism industry. This in-depth look at what affected how other countries developed began the four-year journey that has culminated in receiving a Fulbright Award. Continue reading

Meet Chase Toth

Class: Chancellor’s Honors 2019
Major: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Allowing oneself to be vulnerable isn’t an easy task. It’s filled with discomfort and ambiguity –something we usually try to avoid at all costs. However, it is in our most vulnerable situations that we are challenged to grow as individuals. During the summer of 2017, I had the distinct honor of studying Supply Chain Engineering at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. That summer something about being with total strangers in a completely different culture allowed me to be at my most vulnerable. Five other Volunteers and I landed in Shanghai in the early days of July. Greeted by a wave of heat, humidity, and disorientation, our next month would be full of adventures, mistakes, learning, and, most importantly, lifelong memories. Continue reading

Meet Ally Glover

Class: Chancellor’s Honors 2017
Major: Neuroscience
Minors: French & Francophone Studies, Psychology
Hometown: Jackson, TN

I came from a small private high school in West, TN. In fact, when I looked out over my class on graduation day, I recognized every single face. I had been the typical honors student in high school. I took almost every AP class offered, pursued meaningful extracurricular activities, and simply loved learning. At the time, I thought I understood what “honors” was. I thought it was about grades or achievements—a reflection of accomplishment. It wasn’t until I came to UT that I saw just how crude my understanding really was. The first thing that struck me about honors here was not the accolades or prestige but the people.

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Incoming Haslam Scholars Awarded Peyton Manning Scholarships

Last Friday, four members of the incoming Haslam Scholars cohort joined 29 of their HSP colleagues as recipients of the Peyton Manning Scholarship. Selected on the basis of academic achievement, leadership, and community service this year’s scholarship recipients include Emma Kate Hall of Lebanon, Tennessee; Grace Neiman of West Point, Nebraska; Sydney Peay of Spring Hill, Tennessee, and Blake Turpin of Knoxville.

Blake Turpin, Grace Neiman, Peyton Manning, Emma Kate Hall, and Sydney Peay.

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