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New Honors Student Orientation

Honors Orientation: Advising Preparation

  1. Make sure to register for a section of UNHO 101 and at least one 3-4 credit honors course. Students need 4 honors courses by the end of the second year to remain in good standing with CHP (Honors Nursing and Communications Honors students only need 3).
  2. Although ENGL 118 doesn’t count toward one of CHP’s 7 required honors courses, if you don’t have credit for ENGL 101, it is a good idea to take 118. It may give you an honors option in your 2nd semester where ENGL 102 is slated.
    This is especially necessary for STEM-related majors who choose not to take honors math and science courses.
  3. For Honors Chemistry, it is recommended that you have taken a rigorous chemistry class in the last couple of years.
  4. Honors Calc II is abstract, theoretical, and proof-based; a high school calculus class that had more “depth,” as opposed to simply covering a lot of material, is beneficial.
  5. For Honors Engineering Fundamentals, a good high school physics class is necessary preparation.
  6. If possible, don’t schedule several classes back to back or only on 2 or 3 days of the week. Building your own study blocks earlier in, and scattered throughout, the day is a great way to structure your time, break up your tasks into manageable chunks, and complete work before you get too tired.