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Honors Leadership LLC students

Living and Learning Communities

The Honors and Scholars programs at the University of Tennessee foster student development through high impact practices like Living and Learning Communities (LLCs). Participating in an Honors and Scholars LLC allows our students to build a community of like-minded, high-achieving students while living together. The missions of the Honors and Scholars Living & Learning Communities are to create residential environments where individuals are encouraged to achieve academic excellence, engage in service, and make a positive contributions to their communities. Through programming like academic lectures, field trips, community dinners, and service, each LLC student is afforded the opportunity to not only meet their program requirements, but also develop connections with faculty, staff, and peers. By joining an LLC, Honors and Scholars students live, learn, and work together!

The 1794 Scholars, Chancellor’s Honors, Haslam Scholars, and Honors Leadership programs each have their own first-year LLC. The Honors and Scholars Global Awareness community is available to students of all programs beginning in the second year. LLC specific activities and locations for the 2018-2019 academic year can be found in the boxes below. Each LLC requires that a student be in good standing in their Honors and Scholars program.

1794 Scholars

1794 Scholars LLC members embrace their “best UT experience” while living in Brown Residence Hall.  Students expand their academic interests through faculty lectures, learn about the world through a foreign film series, participate in service, and develop a community through LLC dinners and parties.  These experiences will meet semester requirements and help students explore university resources.

Chancellor’s Honors

Chancellor’s Honors LLC members develop an appreciation for learning and a better understanding of the world through small faculty dinners featuring UT professors at the forefront of research in their fields.  Students will also work together to give back to the Knoxville community through monthly service projects. Students will live and work together in Brown Residence Hall.

Haslam Scholars

Haslam Scholars LLC members enhance their understanding of scholarship and civic engagement within a collegiate community that promotes collaborative learning. LLC members gain effective communication styles and research skills while living together in Brown Residence Hall.

All Haslam Scholars are required to live in the Haslam Scholars LLC during their first academic year of study.

Honors Leadership

Honors Leadership LLC members hone their leadership skills through participating in an LLC advisory board. This group collaboratively shapes the HLP LLC experience by planning and executing activities for the semester. Additionally, Leadership Legacy workshops offered within Stokely Residence Hall during the first year help each student discover what leadership means to them.

Honors Global Awareness

The Honors Global Awareness LLC brings together our four programs under one roof in Laurel Residence Hall.  Each LLC member crafts their individual experience around global and cultural issues to meet program requirements while meeting faculty, attending creative productions, and engaging in field trips.  By exposing themselves to various cultures and systems of thought, LLC members grow as global scholars while at the university.

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