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Participants share a curated leadership curriculum exclusive to the program and complete the Honors track of the Leadership Studies minor through the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences. The curricular component culminates with the completion of an Honors Leadership capstone project during the senior year. Members of the program receive priority registration and participate in personalized goal-setting with Honors Leadership staff.

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First Year  Second Year and Third Year  Fourth Year
Curricular Requirement ELPS 207:  Foundations of Leadership Studies (fall) ELPS 350:  Coached  Leadership Skills (to be taken at any point during the 2nd or 3rd year) ELPS 451:  Leadership in Transition (fall)
ELPS 217: Ethics in Leadership (spring) ELPS 351: Personally and Socially Responsible Leadership (to be taken during the spring of 2nd or 3rd year) ELPS 457 & 493:  Honors Leadership Capstone (spring)

The Honors Leadership Program curriculum totals 12 hours. 

Students must maintain a 3.5 minimum cumulative GPA.