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Co-curricular activities complement in-class experiences. Honors Leadership Program students maintain active involvement in campus organizations, participate enthusiastically in program-sponsored events, and engage in campus conversations about leadership and service.

Sponsored by the Center for Leadership and Service, Ignite is a unique opportunity for incoming students to jumpstart their leadership journey at UT. Honors Leadership students participate in Ignite to discover UT traditions, further their leadership potential, and meet other new students and student leaders.

” Whether it was chanting at the top of my lungs, dancing as if I knew how to, or opening up more than I liked to, this was all part of what I call Ignite Magic.”

– Lance Ellington, HLP Class of 2021

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The Leadership Legacy Series (LLS) engages students through interactive workshops so they may further develop their leadership identity outside the classroom. The LLS serves as a laboratory for leadership exploration, development, and experimentation and challenges students to apply their classroom experience to real-world situations.

“This Leadership Legacy Series was an amazing experience. I enjoyed learning more about my leadership style, the leadership styles of my peers, and how they all come together to promote positive change in the world.”

– Megan Mills HLP Class of 2021

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As leadership does not just exist within the university, the Leadership Beyond Campus (LBC) requirement seeks to expose students to what leadership looks like beyond the campus environment. To complete LBC, students find an opportunity where they can practice leadership in a real world, non-campus based setting. This experience will prepare them to apply the leadership skills learned through HLP after graduation.

Due to the HLP’s commitment to discovery of self, students are encouraged to explore their desired profession through job shadowing and internships. By exposing students to industry leadership, members of the HLP will contextualize how diverse leadership styles are used by individuals to drive success.

Community service is a way for HLP students to connect with the community in which the University of Tennessee exists. A core component of becoming a socially responsible leader, community service deepens students’ understanding of issues affecting society.

“I think as members of HLP, we all value community service and getting involved in our area as it is a large component of leadership. We can learn in a classroom all we want about how to be active leaders, but the best lessons are the interactive ones.”

-Caroline Waters, HLP Class of 2021

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