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The Haslam Scholars Program requires scholars to think reflectively, critically, and independently. To achieve this goal, the program offers a rigorous academic curriculum. This curriculum includes three core interdisciplinary courses, a summer study abroad course, and 6 credit hours of independent research. Together, these curricular components equip scholars with the knowledge and skills to write an in-depth, scholarly research project or creative endeavor for their senior thesis. In addition to the HSP curriculum, scholars complete 12 credit hours of a foreign language.

Each HSP course provides opportunities for scholars to engage in intellectual dialogue and inquiry, advance the production of knowledge and innovative ideas through research, and helps students gain the confidence necessary to participate in academic discourse on either a national or international stage.

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First Year  Second Year  Third Year  Fourth Year
Curricular Requirement HSP 257:  Power (fall) HSP 287:  Knowledge (fall) HSP 498:  Thesis Research  (fall)(*)
HSP 267:  Life (spring) HSP 368:  Scotland Study Abroad (summer) HSP 497:  Thesis Research (*) HSP 499:  Senior Colloquium (spring)(*)
Scholars are also required to complete 12 credit hours of a foreign language. (**)

(*) Curricular flexibility is possible in the third and fourth years, in particular for co-op students, students whose degree program requires five years of coursework, or in other special cases. For this reason, some Haslam Scholars may undertake thesis research in their fourth and fifth years and enroll in the Senior Colloquium in their fifth year. Scholars are also permitted to take the HSP 497 & 498 courses earlier in their curriculum.

(**) Scholars are required to complete four semesters of a foreign language regardless of the amount of foreign language credit they have at the time of matriculation.

Students must maintain a 3.50 minimum GPA.
Students must obtain a B or higher on all HSP courses.