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In addition to a rigorous academic curriculum, Haslam Scholars engage in co-curricular activities each semester through intentional community service and attendance at academic lectures. These co-curricular experiences are informed by the four pillars of the Haslam Scholars Program, and they expand each scholar’s intellectual curiosity and connection to the greater community where they live and learn. Haslam Scholars’ service to the local Knoxville community and their participation in faculty-led scholarly lectures strengthens their development as civically-engaged, globally aware, and academically conscious contributors to society.

Community Service

Haslam Scholars serve the students and families at Pond Gap Elementary School and Inskip Elementary School in Knoxville. Haslam Scholars facilitate and create projects and programs that make a direct impact on the lives of the students and the communities served by each school. Each project serves a unique and identified need of Pond Gap and Inskip students.

Through the hard work and vision of Haslam Scholars, Pond Gap students now have access to a French Club, Robotics Club, Bicycle Club, and science education through the Science Saturdays program. Haslam Scholars have also worked to incorporate Science Saturdays programming at Inskip Elementary in addition to a Lego League and multicultural education available through the Cultural Saturdays program.


In order to promote intellectual curiosity and the pursuit of lifelong learning, Haslam Scholars attend program-sponsored lectures each semester. The program provides lecture opportunities through Friday Faculty Lectures, Global Awareness Lectures, and scholars’ presentations of their research. Program lectures provide Haslam Scholars with opportunities to engage with leading university faculty and learning outside of the classroom.

The Global Awareness Lecture Series focuses on offering scholars an in-depth look at a different region of the world each semester. Through expert faculty from various departments at UT, Haslam Scholars are presented with scholarly perspectives of these locations. The lectures may cover topics such as history, literature and art, culture, politics and economics, and notable leaders and social movements specific to the region being studied.

The Friday Faculty Lecture Series is dedicated to showcasing the best faculty that UT has to offer. Faculty from every college and area of study across campus are personally invited to present their current research, share their expertise, and engage in critical dialogue on current issues while fielding questions and discussion from members of all cohorts of Haslam Scholars. These lectures provide scholars with an opportunity to think critically about the solutions to academic issues and real-world problems, develop relationships with leading scholars and faculty members across campus, and participate in interdisciplinary academic dialogue.

Office of National Scholarships & Fellowships Meetings

The Haslam Scholars Program produces scholars who are not only among the top UT undergraduates but also leaders in their fields nationally. To help develop opportunities within and beyond the university, scholars maintain a relationship with the Office of National Scholarships and Fellowships (ONSF) through annual meetings with ONSF staff. The ONSF plays a critical role in helping scholars identify research opportunities, managing the rigorous application process, helping students draft their personal statements, and securing resources to conduct research or study abroad.