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Faculty Request for 1794 Research Fellow

The 1794 Scholars Program invites faculty to join us as we work to provide research opportunities for our honors students. As the majority of our students are in their first and second years, students in their stage of an undergraduate career are often turned away from research opportunities because of their age or lack of major-specific coursework. Because our students are high achieving and eager to professionalize as early as possible, we hope to offer them unique opportunities early in their undergraduate career.

Students who successfully complete the 1794 Research Fellows Program will receive a $500 grant. Additionally, based on their formal evaluations at the end of the program and a final reflection from the students, one student will receive an additional $250 grant.

Faculty who participate in the program will receive a $200 grant to use towards their research. Faculty will need to detail how they plan to use these funds in their application.

Expectations of Faculty and Fellowship:

  • The fellowship will begin at or after the start of the spring semester
  • The fellowship will last at least six weeks and not require students to continue after the end of the semester*
  • The fellowship will require students to average 5 hours of work per week
  • The fellowship will require an in-person interview, which may be conducted in the Honors & Scholars Office if needed
  • The fellowship will provide on-site training with a clear explanation of expectations
  • The faculty member will discuss with the fellow any potential risks involved with the position and potential consequences of/strategies for mitigating those risks
  • The faculty member will ensure that the student has adequate supervision
  • The faculty member will provide periodic feedback, either written or verbal, with a formal, written evaluation upon completing the program, submitted to both the student and the 1794 Assistant Director.

Expectations of Fellows:

  • The fellow will complete an application and an in-person interview
  • The fellow will show up on time, as scheduled for the duration of the fellowship
  • The fellow will maintain professional standards of conduct for the given office or lab
  • The fellow will be receptive and responsive to faculty feedback

Timeline for Internships (subject to change):

October 8th            Faculty submit internship applications

October 16th                     Fellowship applications open for students to apply**

November 5th                  Fellowship applications close

December 1st                  Interviews completed***

December 7st                 Candidates notified of offer


*We certainly encourage faculty to offer successful students the opportunity to stay on as researchers after the semester but we do not want to prevent students who have alternate summer or subsequent semester plans from applying for these opportunities.
**We can help you craft your position description in a way that makes it as attractive as possible and will advertise it extensively to our students. But we cannot guarantee that every faculty member will receive applications.
***Because interviewing provides students an important opportunity to professionalize, we would prefer that faculty provide at least 3 students the opportunity to interview, if the number of applications allow


Faculty Request for 1794 Fellow