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Dee Dockery and William Heflin Honors Study Abroad Scholarship

Dr. Dee Dockery comes from a family with deep roots at the University of Tennessee. His mother was a Torchbearer, the highest university honor available to students, and his father was a football coach at UT during some of our most successful seasons.

Dee received the Whittle Scholarship as an undergraduate student. At the time, it was the most prestigious merit-based scholarship available. As part of his participation in the Whittle Scholarship program, he was able to spend a year studying in Spain. He considers that experience one of the greatest benefits of his time at UT.

William Heflin, PhD, spent sixteen years on faculty at UT. In that time, he served as a professor of Spanish, department head fro Romance Languages, and advisor to the Whittle Scholars program. He was admired by students and peers for his positive outlook and passion for teaching.

Dr. Dee Dockery has established this scholarship in part to honor William Heflin, PhD, but also with the hopes that it will provide future Honors & Scholars students with opportunities abroad not unlike those that were such a meaningful part of his own education.