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H&S-Approved Honors Courses

Chancellor’s Honors scholars must take five approved honors courses from at least three of the following categories as part of their required CHP curriculum. The list of courses that have been approved for CHP credit (by the University Honors Committee) is maintained here and is continually updated.

NOTE: while some of these categories are similar to those of the university’s general education curriculum, the courses listed are not all necessarily approved for general education, in particular those at the 300-400 level. For a list of approved general education courses, please see the university catalog.

Faculty and departments may submit a course for CHP approval throughout the year for review by submitting the application form.

Artistic Expression and Humanistic Thought
: courses that focus on the exploration, appreciation, and understanding of artistic, literary, and/or philosophical works. These courses may be analytic or creative in nature.

ARCH 117 Honors: Architecture and the Built Environment (effective 08/2020)

ARCH 217 Honors: History and Theory of Architecture I (effective 08/2016)

ARCH 218 Honors: History and Theory of Architecture II (effective 08/2016)

ARCH 227 Honors: Modern Architecture Histories and Theories (effective 08/2016)

ENGL 207 Honors: British Literature I (effective 08/2016)

ENGL 208 Honors: British Literature II (effective 08/2016)

ENGL 237 Honors: American Literature I (effective 08/2016)

ENGL 238 Honors: American Literature II (effective 08/2016)

ENGL 248 Honors: Introduction to Drama (effective 08/2016)

ENGL 258 Honors: Introduction to Fiction (effective 08/2016)

ENGL 398 Junior-Senior Honors Seminar (effective 08/2016)

PHIL 107 Honors: Introduction to Philosophy (effective 08/2016)

THEA 107 Honors: Introduction to Theatre (effective 08/2016)

UNHO 257/8 Honors Seminar in Arts and Humanities-topics vary (effective 08/2016)

UNHO 257 History of English Peoples, UT Honors in Cambridge Program (effective 08/2016)

UNHO 337 History of the English Language, UT Honors in Cambridge Program (effective 08/2016)

Behavioral, Social, and Communication Sciences: courses that focus on the understanding of society and interactions between people, i.e. human behavior and social dynamics.

BUAD 208 Honors: Business Ethics (effective 08/2016)

CMST 217 Honors: Public Speaking (effective 08/2016)

CMST 247 Honors: Business and Professional Speaking (effective 08/2016)

CMST 487 Honors Seminar (effective 08/2016)

ECON 207 Honors: Introductory Economics (effective 08/2016)

EF 337 Honors Leadership Skills (effective 08/2016)

EF 357 Honors Introduction to Entrepreneurship (effective 08/2016)

ENGL 257 Honors: Public Writing (effective 08/2016)

ENGL 357 Honors: Rhetoric and Writing (effective 08/2016)

MGT 207 Honors: Introduction to Business Management (effective 08/2016)

NURS 378R Honors: Nursing Research (effective 08/2019)

NURS 457 Honors: Nursing Leadership (effective 08/2019)

POLS 107 Honors: United States Government and Politics (effective 08/2016)

PSYC 117 Honors: Introduction to Psychology (effective 08/2016)

SOCI 127 Honors: Introduction to Sociology (effective 08/2016)

SOWK 317 Honors: Human Behavior in the Social Environmnent (effective 08/2016)

SOWK 318 Honors: Understanding Diversity in a Global Society (effective 08/2016)

UNHO 267/8 Honors Seminar in Social Sciences-topics vary (effective 08/2016)

UNHO 347 Human Dilemmas and the Quest for Meaning, UT Honors in Oxford Program (effective 08/2016)

Natural Sciences: courses that focus on exploration and interpretation of scientific theories or natural phenomena, requiring students to engage with the material critically and ethically.

ANSC 328 Honors: Reproductive Physiology and Lactation (effective 08/2016)

ANSC 348 Honors: Animal Breeding and Genetics (effective 08/2016)

ANSC 388 Honors: Animal Health Management (effective 08/2016)

ANTH 117 Honors: Human Origins (effective 05/2017, approved for 2016-17)

BIOL 158 Honors: Organismal and Ecological Biology (effective 08/2016)

BIOL 168 Honors: Cellular and Molecular Biology (effective 08/2016)

CBE 447 Honors: Transport Phenomena (effective 08/2016)

CHEM 128 Honors: General Chemistry I (effective 08/2016)

CHEM 138 Honors: General Chemistry II (effective 08/2016)

CHEM 268 Honors: Organic Chemistry I (effective 08/2016, formerly CHEM 358)

CHEM 368 Honors: Organic Chemistry II (effective 08/2016)

EF 157 Honors: Physics for Engineers I (effective 08/2016)

EF 158 Honors: Physics for Engineers II (effective 08/2016)

FDST 418 Honors: Food Chemistry (effective 08/2016)

FDST 428 Honors: Food Microbiology (effective 08/2016)

FORS 217 Honors: Tree Biology (effective 08/2016)

GEOG 137 Honors: Weather, Climate, and Climate Change (effective 08/2016)

MSE 207 Honors: Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering (effective 05/2017)

MSE 397 Honors: Principles and Processes of Metallic Materials (effective 09/2019)

PHYS 137 Honors: Fundamentals of Physics for Physics Majors I (effective 08/2016)

PHYS 138 Honors: Fundamentals of Physics for Physics Majors II (effective 08/2016)

UNHO 287/8 Honors Seminar in the Natural Sciences-topics vary (effective 08/2016)

Human Cultures and Civilizations: courses that focus on the study of human history and non-U.S. cultures.

ANTH 127 Honors: Prehistoric Archaeology (effective 05/2017, approved for 2016-2017)

ANTH 137 Honors: Cultural Anthropology (effective 05/2017, approved for 2016-2017) *Note: this is not a CC Gen Ed course

ESS 227 Honors: Waters and Civilizations (effective 10/2017)

FREN 217 Honors: Intermediate French I (effective 11/2016)

FREN 218 Honors: Intermediate French II (effective 11/2016)

HIEU 247 Honors: Development of Western Civilization (effective 08/2016)

HIEU 248 Honors: Development of Western Civilization (effective 08/2016)

HIST 267 Honors: History of World Civilization (effective 08/2016)

HIST 268 Honors: History of World Civilization (effective 08/2016)

HIST 307 Honors: Introduction/Historical Problems (effective 08/2016)

REST 107 Honors: World Religions in History (effective 08/2016)

SPAN 217 Honors: Intermediate Spanish (effective 08/2016)

SPAN 218 Honors: Intermediate Spanish (effective 08/2016)

UNHO 277/8 Honors Seminar in Cultures and Civilizations-topics vary (effective 08/2016)

Logic, Mathematics, and Quantitative Reasoning: courses that focus on the acquisition of quantitative skills in order to solve problems.

ACCT 207 Honors: Foundations of Accounting (effective 08/2016)

ACCT 208 Honors: Introduction to Financial Accounting (effective 08/2020)

FINC 307 Honors: Survey of Financial Management (effective 08/2016)

FINC 308 Honors: Financial Management (effective 08/2020)

FINC 427 Honors: Investments and Portfolio Management (effective 09/2019)

MATH 117 Honors: Mathematical Reasoning (effective 08/2016)

MATH 147 Honors: Calculus I*  (effective 08/2016)

MATH 148 Honors: Calculus II*  (effective 08/2016)

MATH 247 Honors: Calculus III (effective 08/2016)

MATH 257 Honors: Matrix Algebra I (effective 08/2016)

MATH 307 Honors: Introduction to Abstract Mathematics (effective 08/2016)

MATH 447 Honors: Advanced Calculus I (effective 08/2016)

MATH 448 Honors: Advanced Calculus II (effective 08/2016)

MATH 467 Honors: Topology (effective 08/2016)

STAT 207 Honors: Introduction to Statistics (effective 08/2016)

* AP credits for MATH 147 and/or 148 will not be counted towards CHP requirements.