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Application for the CHP Research Grant

Chancellor’s Honors students are eligible to apply for research grants to fund undergraduate research including their Honors Thesis Project. Applications are accepted and reviewed twice a year: on October 15 and March 15. Students may receive up to $2500 and partial awards may be given; monies may be applied towards yearly financial aid cap.

If you have any questions regarding the Research grant, please contact Associate Director Rebekah Page,

CHP Research Grant Application

This is a competitive grant application. Only CHP students in good standing will be considered. The selection process will be competitively based on the following factors: 1) the strength of the student's application essays 2) the feasibility and potential promise of the student's proposed research project 3) the quality of the match between the student's goals and his/her overall academic/career path 4) the strength of faculty support as exhibited in recommendation letter 5) the reasonableness of proposed budget *No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.*
  • Please format as (xxx) xxx-xxxx
  • As part of this grant application, the faculty advisor must send a letter direct to the CHP, Attn: Rebekah Page, which addresses the following: feasibility of proposed project, suitability of student to undertake project, and substantiation of project budgetary needs.
  • Please provide the name of the department's business manager (the person who handles the budget).
  • Please ask the department's business manager for the appropriate account number. Should you be awarded grant monies from the CHP, we will use that account number for transferring awarded funds to academic department.
  • Discuss project within context of your academic and career goals. In other words, why is this research important to you professionally?
  • Describe what the project aims are, what the expected outcome(s) are, and why the project is important to your field.
  • Proposed budget must be complete and detailed.
  • NOTE: Any awarded funds will be transferred to department and disbursed through departmental procedures. Grants are no longer awarded directly to students.