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Chancellor’s Honors Program students complete a curriculum of intellectually engaging coursework that helps to develop critical thinking and writing skills.

First-year students will complete their first two General Education writing courses through specially designed honors writing courses offered through the Department of English: ENGL 198: Chancellor’s Honors Writing I & ENGL 298: Chancellor’s Honors Writing II.

Additionally, CHP students will complete a minimum of five approved honors courses from at least three of the five Honors Broadened Perspectives categories:

  • Artistic Expression and Humanistic Thought: courses that focus on the exploration, appreciation, and understanding of artistic, literary, and/or philosophical works. These courses may be analytic or creative in nature.
  • Behavioral, Social, and Communication Sciences: courses that focus on the understanding of society and interactions between people, i.e. human behavior and social dynamics
  • Natural Sciences: courses that focus on exploration and interpretation of scientific theories or natural phenomena, requiring students to engage with the material critically and ethically
  • Human Cultures and Civilizations: courses that focus on the study of human history and non-U.S. cultures
  • Logic, Mathematics, and Quantitative Reasoning: courses that focus on the acquisition of quantitative skills in order to solve problems

A list of CHP-approved honors courses may be found by clicking here. 


CHP students may complement their required curriculum with courses completed as honors-by-contract and graduate level courses.

Honors-by-contract enables students to earn honors credit for a non-honors course by developing a plan in tandem with the course instructor to enhance and enrich their course. Many departmental honors programs employ this option so that students can delve more deeply into their core subject of study.

Graduate Level Courses

Students are sometimes allowed the option of taking a graduate-level course. CHP students especially enjoy this opportunity as it gives them a glimpse of the academic environment of a particular discipline’s graduate program and allows them a challenging, yet satisfying, way to complete an honors experience.