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Graduation Profile

Graduating seniors must submit this form. This information will be used for the Honors Graduation Program. Information can be updated after submission if need be. Please complete this form by March 27.
  • "Summa Cum Laude" 3.80-4.00 cumulative GPA, "Magna Cum Laude" 3.65-3.79 cumulative GPA, "Cum Laude" 3.50-3.64 cumulative GPA
  • Tentative title acceptable. We can always update this closer to print time if you change the title.
  • First Name and Last Name of advisor, no title
  • Select all that apply.
  • Select all that apply.
  • Select all that apply. If you already selected Honors Societies above, you do not need to select them again.
  • List names of all organizations with which you've had an internship.
  • If you did something that is not found on the list, enter it here. Don't list foreign language minors since we don't list those twice--that should be under your Majors/Minors section above.
  • Please keep brief and try to follow a format similar to "Pursuing PhD in X at X University" or "Attending X School" or "Working as X at X in X"