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Alumni on Campus – Request for Facilities Privileges

Students who have successfully completed one of our programs but remain on campus may request to continue their use of our Baker Center facilities, including evening study hours in 118 HBC and use of the Honors Computer Lounge via their VolCard. In order to request this privilege, program alums must complete the form below.

All alumni who are granted access to the Baker Center must abide by these rules. Any person who violates this policy will have their access revoked.

  • Maintain the cleanliness of the building, i.e. pick up any mess before leaving, clean any spills, and dispose of any trash.
  • Respect off limit areas. After hours, the only areas alums and current students may access are the honors areas on the main level and the second-floor classrooms (if they are available). All other areas–including the entire third floor–are off limits.
  • Respect the property. Do not misuse or damage equipment or property available for your use. In the case of an accident, notify the Honors & Scholars staff by emailing or leaving a voicemail at 865-974-7875.
  • Respect everyone’s safety. Under NO circumstances should doors to the building be propped open. Any suspicious behavior should be reported immediately to UTPD.
  • Honors & Scholars alumni are not allowed to bring guests into the building after business hours.
  • Honors & Scholars students and alumni are never permitted to bring alcoholic beverages into the building!
  • PARKING: the small parking lot adjacent to the building is a private lot and NOT open to Honors & Scholars students or alumni at any time, including nights and weekends. Towing is enforced.