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History of Machines

This course will be taught by Don Dareing, professor emeritus of engineering. Class will be held Wednesdays from 12:20 – 1:10.

Course description:

All machines require a power source, to transmit power and a useful purpose. The seminar will cover the evolution of mechanical power from human labor to water wheels to rockets. Central to the discussion is the steam engine and its impact on the industrial revolutions in Europe and America. Social and economic issues during the gilded age and the progressive era offer opportunities for student discussion. The initial motivation for rock oil (kerosene) and the need for a safe and cheap illuminate marked the beginning of the petroleum industry, which responded to a huge market demand for fossil fuel. This course shows how history and technology are interrelated and how technology has responded to the needs of a growing world population. Students will reflect on huge advances in energy technology and will be challenged to develop new technology to meet future world needs.