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Disney Magic: Making a World of Difference

This course will be taught by Suzanne Prentiss, a senior lecturer in communication studies. Class will be held once a week on Thursdays from 3:40 – 4:30.

Course description:

This UNHO 101 will use the Disney Company as a case study in making a positive difference in a variety of ways. Many of us know the “magic” of Disney through experience with one facet of the company, such as animated feature films, amusement parks, or ESPN. In this class, we will examine the breadth and depth of the company as a whole, including its beginnings, holdings, and global reach. As a communication teacher and scholar, I will direct our examination of its use of narrative and storytelling, creativity and innovation as examples of how to discover commonalities, build connections, and expand horizons. Throughout the term, we will weave the pillars of the 1794 program into the curriculum with a focus on servant leadership. We will introduce academic engagement by examining the literature and scholarship about Disney through a myriad of disciplinary lenses, including business, communication, film, technology, design, and ecology. As a global company, we will examine Disney’s cross-cultural communication, respect for diversity and commitment to worldwide initiatives in areas such as education, conservation, and innovation. We will use this experience to positively impact life on our campus as well as in the community by sharing our knowledge in creative and engaging ways.