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Meet Our Scholars- Sarah Plemmons

By: Savannah Amdahl

Sarah Plemmons is a sophomore in the Chancellor’s Honors Program majoring in Journalism and Electronic Media with plans on minoring in Anthropology and Environmental Science. Sarah loves to get involved with activities and events on campus. She is a member of Tyson House, the Women’s Coordinating Council, the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley, and is a staff writer for the Daily Beacon.
The reasons she got involved with Tyson House, the Humane Society, and the Daily Beacon are fairly self-explanatory, but how she got involved with the Women’s Coordinating Council is a little bit more interesting. Being a large supporter and advocate for women’s rights, Sarah went to Take Back the Night, which she really enjoyed. Soon after, she found herself at an interest meeting and just recently became a full-fledged member of the WCC.

Sarah chose to join the Chancellor’s Honors Program because she wanted to be in a group of people, who were focused on academia. She also enjoys the challenge and believes her efforts in the CHP will help her become a better candidate for job opportunities. She decided to pursue journalism for many reasons: she enjoys writing, meeting interesting people, traveling, and science. When she graduates, Sarah hopes to continue building her resume so that she can apply for a job at a distinguished science magazine, such as National Geographic or Smithsonian. When asked what her dream job would be, Sarah quickly answered “National Geographic.” She grew up reading that magazine, which is what first introduced her to journalism, and since then it has turned into her foremost career goal. When Sarah is not writing for the Beacon or playing with puppies at the Humane Society, she spends her time cooking, hiking, browsing Pinterest, and attending yoga.

Sarah and her family have been Tennessee fans her whole life, so when Sarah decided to attend UT for its journalism program, one of the best programs in the east, her family was ecstatic. Sarah has big plans for the rest of her time here. This summer, she is studying abroad in Paris. She hopes that this trip will help her fully develop her French skills, a language she has been studying since high school. And, next spring, she is studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, where she will get to participate in a great communications program and have the ability to complete an internship. In her time here, Sarah says that her favorite experience has been meeting some of her best friends and fellow volunteers. She is happy to have found her home in the Big Orange Family.