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The Office of Honors and Scholars Programs Stance on Diversity

The Office of Honors and Scholars Programs of the University of Tennessee stands for the just treatment of all students, faculty, and staff. Diversity is a key component of a real university education. As an office that values and encourages diversity in all of our programs, we must take a stand against acts that threaten the safety and sense of belonging of anyone in the UT community.

Being an Honors student at the University of Tennessee means more than pursuing academic excellence. It also means taking responsibility for things outside of ourselves by striving to create a more engaged and inclusive community for everyone. Being an Honors student signifies that you value civil discourse and appreciate the knowledge that comes from understanding the perspectives of others.

In 2010 our Chancellor charged the university community to embrace 10 principles concerning civility and community. Number 10 was “Response.” Those of us within the Honors and Scholars community respond to this incident with compassion for all students, faculty, and staff, including those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex. It will take an active effort from all of us to mold the University of Tennessee into a place where everyone feels at home.

We challenge all Honors Vols to report any incidents of bias to the Bias Education and Response Team at When we say Vol we do in fact mean ALL.