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CHP Awards RFW Grants


Three times each year, the Chancellor’s Honors Program awards grant funds to Honors students in order to help them attend conferences, participate in study abroad, and conduct international research as part of the Ready for the World component of the Chancellor’s Honors Program curriculum. These unique and opportune experiences make honors students stand out from the rest, prepare them for professional and graduate schools, and promote lifelong research and education. These funds help pay for travel, expenses incurred, and materials for research.

The CHP would like to congratulate the following students:

Raleigh Butler: International Student Exchange Program at Université de Nantes, Nantes, France

Brandon Chapman: International Space-Scanning Infrared SpectroscopyResearch in Budapest, Hungary

Shelby Cundiff: International Studies Abroad (Hispanic Studies), Granada, Spain

William Johnson: Study Abroad at University of Manchester, Manchester, England

Bridget Sellers: Study Abroad at University of Oxford, Oxford, England

Ready for the World grant applications are open three times each year: October 1st (Spring semester travel), March 1st, (Summer, Mini-term travel), June 1st (Full-year, Fall semester travel)