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Five Students Receive LeaderShape Sponsorships

leadershape winners

Left to Right: Mariah Beane, Erika Sanders, Suzannah Ward, Michael Craig, and Xylina Marshall (not pictured).

Five Chancellor’s Honors Students (Mariah Beane, Michael Craig, Xylina Marshall, Erika Sanders, and Suzannah Ward) recently received financial sponsorships from the Honors & Scholars Programs to attend the Center for Leadership and Service’s LeaderShape® Institute beginning on May 10th until May 15th. This year will be the fifth year the “highly competitive and high selective” institute has been offered at UT. “The LeaderShape® Institute is an intensive and energizing six-day program committed to producing extraordinary results in an organization while also helping college students to develop a commitment to lead with a high level of integrity.”

“The opportunity to further understand and develop my leadership skills in a team setting is the primary reason why I am excited to attend the LeaderShape Institute.” -Mariah Beane.

“For me, the most exciting part of Leadershape is that I will get to learn about how to lead when I am out of my comfort zone. The Leadershape Institute and the Chancellor’s Honors Program at UT go hand-in-hand because, as honors students, we know that Leadership involves not only our hearts but also our minds.” -Suzannah Ward

“I know the LeaderShape Institute will help me tap into leadership skills that I never knew I had while building lifelong bonds with fellow future leaders; as Honors students, we have the responsibility to help the world around us, and to me, that means being as well rounded as possible in interpersonal skills, particularly leadership.” -Michael Craig