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Volunteer Spirit

The mission of the Volunteer Spirit is for scholars to better our community with a passion for service and promote social change through leadership. We hope scholars take great pride in being a Tennessee Volunteer and take seriously the charge to serve and lead. Through this pillar, students better learn how to collaborate with community partners and understand the needs of a community to ensure that they lead and serve in ways that are truly beneficial.

“Ignite was an amazing experience that I would highly recommend to any incoming freshman. The intensity of the weekend cultivates an environment that grows friendships, skills, and personal discovery. Each team-building activity requires one to become selfless and only focus on the success of the group, which is what the Volunteer Spirit is all about. At times I had trouble with this because I have only been responsible for myself for some of my life and that has taught me to focus on myself before others, but at the end of the weekend, I understood that if the group succeeded, I did too…Because of this lesson, I have been more helpful in my classes, living area, friendships, and community where I have sought out volunteer opportunities.”

–Hannah Bain-Selbo (2017 Cohort)

Featured Opportunity: 1794 Scholars Day of Service

Each semester the 1794 Scholars Program organizes a day of service to engage students in the Knoxville community. By coming together to serve organizations such as Blount Mansion and Keep Knoxville Beautiful, students learn more about the city and their fellow program members.