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UNHO 101

UNHO 101 is designed to introduce 1794 Scholars to honors coursework at the university while providing an avenue for students to explore various topics through experiential learning. Taught by faculty and staff from across the university, UNHO 101 will help students establish relationships within the UT community and lay the groundwork for future academic involvement. By enrolling in UNHO 101, 1794 Scholars fulfill their Academic Engagement requirement for their first semester. 

I felt my education during my first semester was well rounded, not only was I taking classes that related to my strengths within my major, but through my UHNO course I was also given the opportunity to be more confident in an area I associated as weakness in my education. I did not realize until completing the course that my experience fully encompasses the 1794 Scholars Program’s mission for academic engagement, I “embraced an attitude of intellectual curiosity and constantly seek to expand their knowledge”, by stepping out of your comfort zone you can achieve that.

Ashlyn Bowman

Course: Improv(e) You! with Stefanie Benjamin


Through this open class environment, my classmates and I have gotten to know each other on a more personal level than I would have… [in] a standard college course. This, in my opinion, has been one of the best things about this UNHO 101 class. Mindfulness and Meditation has brought me a genuine connection with other students and has made the large school of the University of Tennessee a smaller and safer-feeling place—a major benefit to a freshman coming in and adjusting to a college lifestyle.

Morgan White

Course: Mindfulness and Meditation with Casey Sams