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Message from the Assistant Director

Virginia StormerThis program was created because we recognize that many UT students are high achieving both inside and outside of the classroom. We want to seek out and support students who strive for this well-rounded excellence. 1794 Scholars use the four pillars of the program—Academic Excellence, Global and Cultural Awareness, Campus Involvement, and the Volunteer Spirit—as a guide to develop and discover their passions during the first two years at our university.

The motto for 1794 is “Discover your best UT experience.” Because the best UT experience is different for every student, 1794 Scholars allows participants to customize their curricular and co-curricular requirements based on what most interests them. As such, we are partnering with various offices and departments across the university in an effort to facilitate a wide variety of engagement opportunities. In addition to the many opportunities the university already offers, 1794 students have access to exclusive opportunities such as honors study abroad trips and undergraduate research experiences.

The UT campus offers a unique environment that we hope our students will explore with enthusiasm and in a way that will allow them to give back to the UT and Knoxville communities. 1794 students will benefit from being immersed in a cohort of students similarly focused on engagement and giving back. Through participation in this cohort, students will surely leave a lasting legacy at the University of Tennessee.

I hope that you find the information on this site helpful. If you are dedicated to discovering your best UT experience, I hope you will consider applying to the 1794 Scholars Program.

All the best,

Dr. Virginia Stormer, Assistant Director