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Global and Cultural Awareness

The mission of the Global & Cultural Awareness pillar is for scholars to develop a better understanding and appreciation of other cultures and to combat prejudice through knowledge. It is important in our global society to know and understand those who have different experiences and come from different backgrounds. We encourage our scholars to engage in interactive experiences to learn about other cultures so that they can become better citizens in our own community.

“I love learning about a new culture because I believe gaining knowledge about other customs is the best way to combat the different cultural boundaries and conflicts that face us in today’s society. Furthermore, this class has given me a deeper perspective on a culture different than my own, and it has better equipped me to deal with individuals and situations outside the microcosm I live in. I’m excited to continue learning about French culture and language because it will be a great tool if I travel to a French-speaking nation.”

– Veraon Clemmons (2017 Cohort)

Featured Opportunity: Foreign Film Series

Each semester student engagement coordinator, Dr. Blaylock, hosts a film series featuring cultures and traditions from around the world. These films, and the discussions held around them, enable students to learn from global perspectives and one another.