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Campus Involvment

The mission of Campus Involvement is for scholars to engage with the UT student community in meaningful ways and contribute to the active campus culture. UT is a vibrant and energetic campus. We want scholars to take advantage of the opportunities to meet with fellow students and grow their network as they explore shared interests.

“I was truly surprised by how attending the UTK v. ETSU women’s softball game allowed me to meet other university students…I honestly did not expect to meet new students, assuming I knew everyone who was going because I am living in the 1794 LLC in Orange. My assumptions about how the experience would be were definitely proven incorrect. Just waiting for Mr. Rochell at the Rock, I was able to meet another girl who actually lives on my floor in Orange. We had not known each other prior to this time two weeks ago. Simply by walking with the 1794 group to the game had already allowed me to meet more people in my community here at school and I got to talk with people I had not previously known.”

–Laura Sood (2017 Cohort)

Featured Opportunity: 1794 Sports Group

To encourage program cohesion, the 1794 Scholars Graduate Assistant organizes several group outings each semester. At these select sporting events, 1794 Scholars meet students from across cohorts while experiencing Division 1 sporting events and behind the scenes looks at sport facilities.