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Academic Engagement

The mission of Academic Engagement is for scholars to embrace an attitude of intellectual curiosity and constantly seek to expand their knowledge. The variety of options that scholars can choose from for Academic Engagement allow them to explore topics both inside and outside of their major and help enhance traditional classroom learning by supplementing it with experiential opportunities.

“I fulfilled the academic engagement requirement by attending…the Writers in the Library Series…While my degree is not at all related to English or literature, I still felt I learned a lot from these seminars. I used to write as a hobby, but the stress of coursework, relationships and life in general had caused me to set it aside. I had considered picking it up again at points, but let myself become discouraged…The biggest thing I learned from these women is that when you write, you write for yourself. It does not matter if it is good or bad, if you show everyone or no one at all…Thanks to these women, I have taken to writing again. It’s nothing too grand, but I enjoy it, and that’s what matters.”

–Kathryn Creveling (2017 Cohort)

Featured Opportunity: UNHO 101

During their first semester in the program, 1794 Scholars share an honors first-year studies course. University faculty members from various departments, colleges, and disciplines teach this seminar-based course, which gives scholars an opportunity to engage with faculty in a small classroom setting while learning about a wide variety of topics. Read more about the UNHO 101 course options by clicking here.