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1794 Honors Program students having fun by the rock

1794 Scholars Program

The 1794 Scholars Program is a two-year honors enrichment program focused on the Volunteer experience.


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Our Mission

The mission of the 1794 Scholars Program is to enrich the undergraduate experience for our students by creating a culture of engagement.

The mission is supported by each of our program’s four pillars:

  • Academic Engagement: 1794 Scholars embrace an attitude of intellectual curiosity and constantly seek to expand their knowledge
  • Global and Cultural Awareness: 1794 Scholars develop a better understanding and appreciation of other cultures and combat prejudice through knowledge
  • Campus Involvement: 1794 Scholars engage with the UT student community in meaningful ways and contribute to the active campus culture
  • Volunteer Spirit: 1794 Scholars seek to better our community with a passion for service and promote social change through leadership

Upon successful completion of 1794, students earn a certificate along with a citation on their transcripts.

Our Students

1794 Scholars welcomes approximately 400 students each year. These students are dedicated to both academic excellence and active participation in the UT and Knoxville community. Because 1794 Scholars is completely customizable, our students explore a broad range of interests through the four pillars of the program.

Our Curriculum

1794 Scholars partners with different units on campus to offer our students a wide range of opportunities. Students begin their experience in the program with a one-hour, faculty-led seminar that introduces them to the university through the faculty member’s topic of choice. This course allows students to foster a connection with UT faculty and fellow 1794 students. Additionally, each semester, students participate in at least one activity based on each of the program’s pillars. The program culminates with the 1794 Scholars Showcase where students create a poster and prepare an oral presentation based on one of their experiences with the program. All students are required to maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average and abide by the code of the 1794 Scholars Program.