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1794 Scholars Program

The 1794 scholars love to work, not just see results, so we show them the process to contribute to our campus and community from day one. This two-year honors enrichment program is founded on the Volunteer spirit—pushing students to get involved and collaborate in unexpected ways. In 1794, every day is a chance to positively collide with something or someone new. 1794 Scholars welcomes approximately 300 students each year. These scholars are dedicated to both academic excellence and active participation in the UT and Knoxville community. Because 1794 Scholars is completely customizable, our students explore a broad range of interests through the four pillars of the program.

Signature Transformational Experiences

While there are several benefits of the 1794 Scholars Program, four signature pillars make the 1794 experience unique. Each semester, students participate in at least one activity based on each of the program’s pillars. For each pillar the program partners with different units on campus to offer a wide range of opportunities.


Students begin their experience in the program with a one-hour seminar that introduces them to the university through a specialized version of First-Year Studies 101 developed for Honors Vols. In their second semester, scholars are introduced to honors coursework through University Honors 101 taught by faculty from across the university on their topic of choice. This course allows students to foster a connection with UT faculty and fellow 1794 students. After the first year, scholars can choose from a variety of activities to engage their intellectual curiosity each semester including:

  • Honors Coursework: Scholars may continue to engage in at least one honors course of their choice each semester in the second year.
  • Undergraduate Research: Scholars may collaborate with university faculty to undertake group or individual research projects.
  • Academic Conferences: Scholars may participate in an a academic conference on or off campus.
  • Academic Service or Employment: Scholars may serve as a tutor, peer mentor, or Supplemental Instruction Leader.
  • Internships: Scholars may participate in on-campus or off-campus internships to further explore their academic interests.



1794 Scholars get involved with at least one campus organization per semester to strengthen their understanding of the university and broaden their skill sets. UT’s over 500 student organizations offer a great space for our scholars to practice personal and professional skills that they’ll use throughout college and beyond. Involvement opportunities at UT are vast, ranging from Sorority & Fraternity life to the Pride of the Southland Band. Whatever your interests, UT has an organization to help you explore them!


  • Cultural Coursework: Scholars may delve into new cultures through coursework offered right here at UT! Courses focusing on expanding scholars’ cultural perspectives will help develop their understanding of the world around them.
  • Study Abroad: Scholars may participate in any UT approved study abroad opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture and gain new global competencies.
  • Intercultural Service or Research: Scholars may commit themselves to a non-credit bearing international or intercultural project that furthers their understanding of new culture or people.
  • Intercultural Training: Scholars may participate in Safe Zone or Green Zone training.
  • Honors GCA Experience: Honors & Scholars offers a wide array of programming in which scholars can participate, including key experiences that help students to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of other cultures.


Service to others is at the heart of the Volunteer ethos. All 1794 Scholars give back to the communities in which they live and work while living up to the Torchbearer’s Creed. Honors & Scholars offers monthly days of service so scholars can explore the various organizations serving the Knoxville community and form a tight-knit bond with other Honors Vols. Additionally, the Jones Center for Leadership and Service provides a sign-up-to-serve calendar for all Vols to find service opportunities that suit their interests and schedules.

Academic Expectations

All students are required to maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average and make adequate progress on their 1794 pillars each semester. Students will complete a poster presentation as their capstone project. Upon successful completion of 1794, students earn a certificate along with a citation on their transcripts. Upon graduation from the university, students will receive cords for successfully completing the 1794 Scholars Program.

Scholars interested in matriculating to the Chancellor’s Honors Program upon completion of 1794 are invited to join the CHP Pathway.