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1794 Scholars to CHP Pathway

Though 1794 Scholars is a stand alone honors program, students who complete the program do have the option to join the Chancellor’s Honors Program at the end of their two years. In order to do so, students will need to fulfill the CHP Pathway requirements while also fulfilling the requirements for 1794. Successful completion of the 1794 to CHP Pathway will guarantee students admission to the CHP.

To participate in the pathway to CHP, 1794 Scholars must

  • Successfully complete the 1794 Scholars Program
  • Complete two courses to fulfill the Composition Sequence
  • Complete at least two Broadened Perspectives Honors Courses
  • Finish 1794 with a cumulative 3.65 or higher GPA
  • Meet with an honors coach to discuss fulfilling pathway requirements
  • Complete CHP Pathway Declaration form (by the end of the first year)
  • Meet with an honors coach to discuss transition into CHP (second year)

English Composition Sequence

Pathway students must complete two courses in lieu of the English 198 and 298 courses required for Chancellor’s Honors students.

If possible, students should begin with either English 118 or English 290.

  • English 118 is available to students with a Composite and English ACT of 29 or higher and who do NOT have credit for English 101 or 102.
  • English 290 is available to students who received credit for English 101 through AP or dual-enrollment and have a Composite and English ACT of 29 or higher but do NOT have credit for English 102.

After taking English 118 or English 290, pathway students should then take one of the following courses. Students who already have credit for English 101 and 102 or who are ineligible to take English 118 or English 290 should take two of the following courses:1

ARCH 227, ENGL 207, 208, 237, 238, 247, 248, 257, 258, UNHO 258, 268, 278


Broadened Perspectives Honors Courses

In addition to the English Composition Sequence, Chancellor’s Honors Students must complete five additional broadened-perspective honors courses from at least three of five categories as detailed here. 1794 Scholars must complete at least 2 Broadened Perspectives Courses in addition to the composition sequence by the end of their second year.

Because the majority of the Broadened Perspectives Courses are 200-level, scholars should carefully review their general education and major requirements to ensure that they will be able to fit 5 courses from 3 categories into their curriculum. If possible, students should attempt to complete more than 2 Broadened Perspective Courses in their first two years.