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1794 Cultural Experience Grant

Students who are going on an international trip or participating in a domestic cultural experience (i.e., Honors & Scholars trip to La Push) to fulfill their Global and Cultural Awareness requirement may apply for a grant of up to $750 to help fund their travel. To qualify for a grant,

1- Students must be active members of the 1794 Scholars Program

2- Students must be in good standing with the 1794 Scholars Program and the university

3-The selected program must be academic, research, or service oriented

4-Students must submit their application by the deadlines below


Deadlines for the Cultural Experience Grant are at 11:59PM on the following dates:

For winter break or spring semester programs: October 15th

For mini-term or summer programs: March 1st

For fall semester programs: June 15th


Students may apply for a grant before being accepted into a program, but verification of acceptance will be required before the grant can be disbursed.


For students participating in international trips, once a student is awarded a grant, we will confirm with the Center for International Education that student is traveling as part of the proposed program. If a student is not participating in a university-approved study abroad program, the student MUST provide adequate proof of travel/program directly to us AND complete the International Travel Registration with CIE before funds will be disbursed.


For students participating in domestic cultural experiences, verification of acceptance into the program as well as proof of enrollment will be required.


1794 Cultural Experience Grant Application

  • Please list all of the destinations (cities or countries) you'll visit on your selected program
  • If you are participating in an experience that does not correspond to one of these choices, choose the one that is the closest.
  • Please focus your personal statement on why you chose this particular program and how it fits into your overall university experience. Recommended word count: 300-400 words