Research Grant


The Chancellor’s Honors Program supports undergraduate students engaged in independent research by providing supplemental funding to honors students in all fields.  Students have an opportunity to engage in a self-designed, faculty-mentored project with an opportunity to present their research at a conference or professional meeting.  Funds can be used to cover laboratory supplies and small equipment, travel expenses for the purpose of doing and presenting research, and other research-related expenses. These competitive grants are open to all student members in good standing of the Chancellor’s Honors Program.

Beginning in Fall 2013, these awards will be granted through inter-departmental transfer to student’s academic department. This will prevent grants from affecting student financial aid.


Two application deadlines occur every year. Students may apply for funding to reimburse activity that took place in between application cycles.

October 1
Fall application deadline.

March 1
Spring application deadline.


Applicants must submit the Application Form for the Research Grant by the appropriate deadline. Applicant’s faculty advisor must also submit a letter to the CHP as outlined in the application. Applications without an accompanying faculty letter will NOT be considered.

Awarded students are also expected to present their research at the annual Honors Undergraduate Research Symposium, held in May.


Award decisions will be made by the Chancellor’s Honors Program Grant Committee.  Awards are capped at $2,000. Partial funding may be awarded. The committee will base its decisions upon merit of application, student academic record, and faculty letter of support. Due to limitation of funds, students who have received previous Research Grants will not be considered eligible.

Application for Research Grant

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Please format as (xxx) xxx-xxxx
  • As part of this grant application, the faculty advisor must send a letter direct to the CHP, Attn: Rebekah Page, which addresses the following: feasibility of proposed project, suitability of student to undertake project, and substantiation of project budgetary needs.
  • Please provide the name of the department's business manager (the person who handles the budget).
  • Please ask the department's business manager for the appropriate account number. Should you be awarded grant monies from the CHP, we will use that account number for transferring awarded funds to academic department.
  • Discuss project within context of your academic and career goals. In other words, why is this research important to you professionally?
  • Describe what the project aims are, what the expected outcome(s) are, and why the project is important to your field.
  • Proposed budget must be complete and detailed.
  • NOTE: Any awarded funds will be transferred to department and disbursed through departmental procedures. Grants are no longer awarded directly to students.