Ready for the World Grant


Consistent with the University’s mission to assist students gain the international and intercultural experience they need to successfully navigate today’s dynamic and global society, The Chancellor’s Honors Program offers competitive grants for all Chancellor’s Honors Program students in good standing.

Please note that award amounts are reported to the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships and may count toward the student’s annual total award cap.

Application Deadlines

October 1
Grant Applications Due for international or intercultural learning that will occur during the SPRING semester.

March 1
Grant applications due for international or intercultural learning that will take place during the MINI-TERM or SUMMER term.

June 1
Grant applications due for international or intercultural learning that will take place during the FALL semester or the upcoming FULL ACADEMIC YEAR.


Students may apply for funds to cover the cost of expenses related to study abroad, foreign language acquisition, or any other international or intercultural learning experience.


Applicants must submit the Application Form for the Ready for the World Grant. (Applications will become available on this site a month in advance of the deadline.)

Each awarded student is responsible for saving all applicable receipts and returning them to the Chancellor’s Honors Program for reimbursement of approved expenses.


Award amounts are based upon program length and range from $500-2000. Upon returning from your trip abroad, you must submit the Grant Receipt Form together with attached receipts to the Honors and Scholars office.


Award decisions will be made by the Chancellor’s Honors Program Grant Committee.  The committee will base its decisions upon merit of application and student academic record. The key components of the application are two essays: a personal statement and a discussion of program selection.

Note: due to limitation of funds, students who have received previous Ready for the World grants will not be considered eligible.