Matt Scott


Honors Mentor Microbiology, minor in Spanish language Hey everyone! I’m Matt Scott and I’m a sophomore majoring in Microbiology and […]

Esther Choo


Honors Mentor Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Anthropology (Pre-medicine) Knoxville, TN  Hi guys, and welcome to the University of Tennessee! […]

Kasey Sumeriski


Honors Mentor Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology–Pre-Med Sevierville, TN  Hey Rocky Top! I am so excited to have all […]

CHP Student Chosen for Prestigious Fellowship


Ediobong “Edi” Ebiefung, a senior, has been chosen as one of forty students from the United States to participate in the 2014 Humanity in Action Fellowship. He will be going to Amsterdam.

Anagha Uppal

Heyo. I’m Anagha Uppal, a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Sociology. As you might guess from my academic pursuits, I’m involved in technology-related campus organizations and activism, specifically of the environmental and food justice variety. Somewhere in there, a lot of first-time experiences happen, and I’d love to share in some more with you guys. I really love how incoming students have such diverse interests and admirable goals. Most of all, I’d like to ensure that you newbs get through your first semester with the confidence that these goals are most feasible than you think. Be it for advice or a good nap in a hammock, I’m here!

Sarah Gomillion


Honors Mentor Accounting I am a sophomore in the CHP majoring in Accounting with a collateral in International Business. I’ve […]

Kirsten Lea Salonga


Honors Mentor Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, VolsTeach Nashville, Tennessee ARE YOU READY TO HAVE THE BEST FOUR (or however many) […]

Patrick McKenzie

patrick mckenzie

  Honors Mentor BCMB Searcy, AR Hi, everyone! I’m Patrick McKenzie. I hail from Searcy, Arkansas, and I’m beginning my […]