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Congrats 2015 CHP Graduates

IMG_1235On May 7th, 2015, the Chancellor’s Honors Program graduated approximately 150 students to wrap up the 2014/2015 academic year. In his student retrospective, Robert Nowell (’15 CHP) encouraged honors students to change the world, to actively seek out future opportunities, and to view their honors graduation as an endorsement and a trajectory into future success. The keynotes address, given by Rev. Michelle Warriner Bolt (’97 CHP alum and Harvard graduate) spoke of graduation not only as an academic rite of passage but also spoke of graduation as a life transition–a chance to look back on one’s growth and development over time to create perspective of where one is right now.

post_graduation2All Chancellor’s Honors Program students write a thesis comprising original research, travel or study abroad internationally and/or complete intercultural projects, and progress through a rigorous honors curriculum. Many graduates go on to study at professional schools such as law, dentistry, and medicine, proceed to graduate schools where they will being advanced studies, and begin their careers in their field of study.

The office of Honors and Scholars Programs congratulates all of its graduates and their families.

Honors & Scholars

3 Students Receive Torchbearer Award and other honors


Left to Right: Kenna Rewcastle, Julia Ross, Valerie King

On April 8th, 2015, at the Chancellor’s Honors Banquet, three students of the Honors & Scholars Programs received Torchbearer awards. Torchbearer is the highest UT student honor. This distinction reminds us all that those who bear the Torch of Enlightenment shadow themselves to give light to others. This award honors graduating seniors for academic excellence and service to the university and society at large.

Congratulations to Julia Ross (’15 Haslam Scholar), Kenna Rewcastle (’15 Haslam Scholar), and Valerie King (’15 Chancellor’s Honors Program)!

Read their Torchbearer profiles here.

Additional Honors and Scholars students received recognition at the honors banquet.

Marji Itayem received recognition for Extraordinary Campus Leadership Service, which is awarded to graduating students who are extraordinary campus leaders with significant service to others.

Extraordinary Academic Achievement:
Coleen O’Leary, Caroline Duer, Abbey Elder, Rebecca Groh, Kendall Jaggers, Jack Kang, Valerie King, Marianela D’Aprile (Haslam Schoalar), Allison Gose, Emma Pugmire, Tyrel Prentiss (Haslam Scholar), Meghan Stuart, Robert Jellicorse, Joseph Creekmore, Jacob Clabo, Jordan Tipton

Top Collegiate Scholar:
Alana Burnham, Nathan Crilly, Marianela D’Aprile (Haslam Scholar), Andre’ Agassi, Amber Bassett, Allison Gose, Ashley Jakubek, Ashton Monks, Nathaniel Massey

Scholar Athlete:
Caroline Duer
Joseph Creekmore

The complete list of students receiving honors and awards at the 2015 Honors Banquet can be found here.

Chancellor's Honors

Spring 2015 E-Newsletter

The Spring 2015 Honors E-Newsletter is now available for viewing.






Chancellor's Honors

Five Students Receive LeaderShape Sponsorships

leadershape winners

Left to Right: Mariah Beane, Erika Sanders, Suzannah Ward, Michael Craig, and Xylina Marshall (not pictured).

Five Chancellor’s Honors Students (Mariah Beane, Michael Craig, Xylina Marshall, Erika Sanders, and Suzannah Ward) recently received financial sponsorships from the Honors & Scholars Programs to attend the Center for Leadership and Service’s LeaderShape® Institute beginning on May 10th until May 15th. This year will be the fifth year the “highly competitive and high selective” institute has been offered at UT. “The LeaderShape® Institute is an intensive and energizing six-day program committed to producing extraordinary results in an organization while also helping college students to develop a commitment to lead with a high level of integrity.”

“The opportunity to further understand and develop my leadership skills in a team setting is the primary reason why I am excited to attend the LeaderShape Institute.” -Mariah Beane.

“For me, the most exciting part of Leadershape is that I will get to learn about how to lead when I am out of my comfort zone. The Leadershape Institute and the Chancellor’s Honors Program at UT go hand-in-hand because, as honors students, we know that Leadership involves not only our hearts but also our minds.” -Suzannah Ward

“I know the LeaderShape Institute will help me tap into leadership skills that I never knew I had while building lifelong bonds with fellow future leaders; as Honors students, we have the responsibility to help the world around us, and to me, that means being as well rounded as possible in interpersonal skills, particularly leadership.” -Michael Craig



Chancellor's Honors

CHP Students Help To Build 3D Car

Alex Roschli, Andrew Messing, & Aaron Young

Recently, three Chancellor’s Honors students, Kyle Goodrick (electrical engineering), Aaron Young (computer engineering), and Andrew Messing (computer engineering), were highlighted (see insert) in the Torchbearer magazine for their efforts in helping to design one of the world’s first functioning 3D printed car. The Chancellor’s Honors Program sat down with them to learn about their experience.

3d printed carAaron Young explained that the students worked collaboratively with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Dr. Lonnie Love, a Group Leader, Automation, Robotics, and Manufacturing engineer at the the laboratory to complete the project. In their high school years, the group of students founded the robotics club at Hardin Valley Academy, a high school located just outside Oak Ridge, TN, and recruited Dr. Love to be their mentor, so the partnership was a natural fit.


Chancellor's Honors

CHP Student Receives UT’s Courage to Climb Award

Jack Kang, a University of Tennessee, has been recognized by UT’s Division of Student Life for the Courage to Climb Award. Students nominated for the Courage to Climb award “show promise in the areas of research, community service, promotion of civility and inclusion, leadership development, and/or campus involvement.

Jack is a senior Microbiology major from Memphis, TN.  A member of the Chancellor’s Honors Program, Jack has been involved in many aspects of campus serving as VP for the Student Dental Association, a Welcome Week Leader and a biology/chemistry tutor with the Student Success Center.  Jack is also a member of the Educational Advancement Program and is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion.  Additionally, Jack has spent a significant amount of time volunteering in the Knoxville Community.

Read the rest of the interview here.