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Haslam Scholars Program Fall 2016 E-Newsletter

The Haslam Scholars Program is pleased to announce our Fall 2016 E-Newsletter. Take a look inside to see meet our newest cohort and see how we have grown this year. Then share our progress with friends, family, and supporters of the Honors and Scholars Programs at the University of Tennessee.

What’s Inside:

  1. Haslam Scholars Abroad – Kimmy Bress
  2. Haslam Scholars Mini-Retreat – Colleen Ryan and Alex Crockett
  3. Inskip Elementary and the HSP– Mike Lidwin
  4. Haslam Scholars 2016 Cohort – All first-year sholars

Haslam Scholar Mini-Retreat 2016

Written by Colleen Ryan and Alex Crockett

Community is by far one of the most valuable aspects of being a Haslam Scholar. For scholars of all classes, this year’s Mini Retreat offered opportunities for building connections, sharing ideas, and making memories as a program.

These quintessential components of the Haslam Scholars Program are what make it such a meaningful part of our UT experience. mini-retreat pancakes

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Inskip Elementary and the HSP: A Living Legacy

Written by Michael Lidwin

The recent partnership between the Haslam Scholars Program and Inskip Elementary School is the result of a long-standing effort. Although this year marks the start of two new HSP programs at Inskip Elementary, the initial concept began with a recent alumna of the program. This collaboration serves as a living legacy of the hard work generations of Haslam Scholars have invested in both the program and the community. This partnership has become one of the strongest aspects of the Haslam Scholars service initiative, and my favorite part of being a Haslam Scholar.Inskip jumping

HSP clubs at Inskip Elementary represent teamwork across multiple cohorts, undergraduate students, and alumni.


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Getting Acquainted: Haslam Scholars 2016 Cohort

Each year the Haslam Scholars Program adds to its distinguished membership a new class of first-year scholars. These scholars are expected to grow, learn, and lead at the university, among their peers, and in the Knoxville community. The 2016 cohort is made up of vibrant personalities, diligent workers, and an incredible amount of potential. This is clear in how they write about one another. The description of each scholar below was written by a fellow within the 2016 cohort. These scholars believe in each other and give us reason to believe in them too.

Aubrey BaderAubrey Bader
Written by Kaylie Richard

Aubrey Bader is a music lover and an aspiring architect. As a first-year architecture student, she spends a significant portion of her time constructing elaborate molds and models in the studio. Aubrey maintains balance in her life by volunteering at the local Presbyterian church and running to stay fit. Ultimately, she aspires to bring together divided communities through architecture. Continue reading

Haslam Scholars Abroad: Scotland 2016

Written by Kimmy Bress

There is great value in traveling abroad, not only for the cultural exposure but also for the opportunity to learn about oneself in an unfamiliar environment.

One of my favorite aspects of the Haslam Scholars Program is its emphasis on learning through exchange.  This exchange can take many forms: from scholar to scholar, scholar to mentor, or scholar to environment.

The University of Edinburgh and surrounding city, vibrant with both subtle familiarity and explorative novelty, was a place in which I experienced these exchanges to their fullest extent. Continue reading

CHP Semester-End Survey for Becker Seminars

Becker Seminar Survey FA16

Chancellor’s Honors Program 2016 Fall E-Newsletter

The Chancellor’s Honors Program is pleased to announce our Fall 2016 E-Newsletter. Read our stories for a glimpse into the lives of our current students and share our progress with friends, family, and supporters of the Honors and Scholars Programs at the University of Tennessee.fron


What’s inside:

  1. Message from the Associate Provost – Dr. Timothy Hulsey
  2. Alumni Spotlight – Joel Seligstein
  3. Undergraduate Research – Sara Poarch
  4. Ready for the World – William Lifferth
  5. Community Service – Matt Scott


The Impact of Research: How I Found My Purpose

Written by Sara Poarch

camelIn the summer of 2015, I was shoveling sand into buckets under the Jordanian sun, humming 80’s rock ballads, thinking about Ramadan. I was supposed to be thinking about fourth-century Romans, but I found my interest wandering to the fasting and feasts taking place in the Arab world. In that moment, I decided I wanted my career to focus on modern Arabs instead of long-dead Romans. This was a pivotal point in my academic career, as it put me on the path to my research topic and led to further research opportunities in my final year at UT. Continue reading

Service and the CHP: Why I’m Here

Written by Matt Scott

My college career has been a period of many firsts. I experienced my first bowl game, my first professional conference, my first trip to Cookout, and, unfortunately, my first all-nighter in the Baker Center. More importantly, however, UT is the place where I first made service a focal point of my life. Though I volunteered and went on mission trips in high school, it wasn’t until my induction into the Chancellor’s Honors Program that I began to reflect critically on service.

As I sat through the induction ceremony daydreaming about my new college life, my ears perked up at one question: “Why are you here?”

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Message from the Associate Provost – Dr. Timothy Hulsey

Come gather around people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown

—Bob Dylan


Those of you who have visited us recently may have noticed a number of changes around the offices. Some of these changes have been physical: We remodeled our space to create offices for our new staff (more on that later) and moved the honors graduate assistants into Room 121, the former coffee lounge. We have also changed—and, I hope, improved—the student computer lounge. Continue reading

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