The Haslam Scholars Program seeks a group of students who embrace the program’s emphasis on peer learning, make a commitment to its required four-year course of study, and are excited by the numerous possibilities afforded them to contribute significant forms of leadership and service.

Prospective Haslam scholars combine exceptional scholarly and intellectual merit with evidence of leadership experience and potential. No strict grade-point average or test score minimums are used in the selection process. It is expected, however, that Haslam scholars have earned a truly superior GPA in a rigorous high school curriculum and scored in the top 1 percent of the national distribution of standardized test scores (e.g., 33+ ACT composite, 1460+ SAT, or 2300+ new SAT).

It is the program’s intention to recruit students whose talents and goals best fit the program’s philosophy and design. We seek a diverse and broadly representative group ready and enthused to “hit the ground running.” We seek students whose sights are set high, who embrace the challenge to become meaningfully engaged leaders, and who are prepared to prosper within the program’s tightly knit community of scholars.

We especially value and assess:

  • AP, IB, dual enrollment, and honors course work (although we recognize that not all qualified students have had the opportunity to avail themselves of such opportunities)
  • superior AP examination scores
  • participation in university-based academic enrichment programs such as Governor’s Schools, Duke TIP program, and others
  • leadership, service, and notable involvement in school and community (e.g., class president, Girl Scout Gold Award, varsity athlete, HOSA president, NHS vice president, tutor, club founder, community, civic, and church volunteerism)
  • demonstrated ability to cope with adversity
  • evidence of maturity and seriousness of purpose
  • special talents (e.g., artistic achievement–musical, literary, theatrical, etc.)
  • research experience
  • foreign travel
  • life experiences that fortify character and expand cultural understanding
  • appreciation for the Haslam Scholars Program’s distinctive mission within the context of a land-grant flagship public research university
  • superior high school grades
  • superior scores on standardized examinations
  • National Merit recognition

Selection Process

  1. Apply for Admission to The Haslam Scholars Program

The Haslam Scholars Program welcomes applications from high school seniors who are interested in membership in the Haslam Scholars Program.  Applications are accepted from August 1 through November 15 each year.

  1. Apply for Admission to The University of Tennessee

Complete the UT Admissions & Scholarship Application.  Note that students applying for the Haslam Scholars Program must complete the entire application, including the scholarship portion.

  1. Semifinalists Selected

From the pool of applicants, a group of approximately sixty Haslam Scholars Program semifinalists will be selected and invited to interview in January and February. Initial interviews are designed to help determine the candidate’s understanding of, and fit with, the Haslam Scholars Program’s distinctive characteristics and aspirations.

  1. Finalists Selected

Thirty finalists are invited to interview with the Haslam Scholars Program Academic Selection Committee during the Haslam Scholars Program Interview Weekend in March. All Haslam Scholars Program finalists receive a Chancellor’s Scholarship.

  1. Haslam Scholars Selected

Fifteen Haslam scholars are named.


Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation may be uploaded here or submitted to Dr. Turner at