Honors-by-Contract is an opportunity to enhance and enrich an upper-division (300 or 400-level) course for honors credit. The precise nature of any particular Honors-by-Contract will vary with the instructor’s expectations and type of course. Common additional undertakings include extra labs, research papers, and class presentations. While added workload is not tantamount to honors enhancement and enrichment, additional effort is typically required to adequately fulfill both standard and Honors-by-Contract course requirements.

Students must complete and submit an Honors-by-Contract Application Form within the first three weeks of the term during which they propose to customize an appropriate course. Students must then complete and submit an Honors-by-Contract Completion Form at the end of the term during which the course work was undertaken and, in the judgment of the supervising instructor, satisfactorily completed. NOTE: Forms should be opened with Adobe Reader. They do not work properly when embedded in most web browsers.

Please note: the supervising instructor must sign both forms, and the appropriate department head or program director must sign the completion form. All Honors-by-Contract forms should be submitted to:

Chancellor’s Honors Program
130 Howard Baker Center
1640 Cumberland Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37996-3340

Please contact Rebekah Page with questions.