Jarrod Edwards


Jarrod Edwards is a student in the Chancellor’s Honors Program, UT Ambassador tour guide, College of Engineering Ambassador, and a member of the Student Alumni Associates. With his busy schedule, he has learned to thrive in an active environment and balance the high demands of an engineering course-load while participating in so many activities on campus.

Quincy Banks


As a student in the Chancellor’s Honors Program, Quincy Banks can be found taking rigorous classes, studying around campus, and hanging out with the new friends he has made at UT.

Tucker Hunley


A Knoxville native, Tucker Hunley originally decided to attend UT because of its academic credentials. Upon arriving, he discovered an environment–both academic and extracurricular–that helped him find his passion and increase his potential for the future.

Nate Crilly


Nate Crilly is studying food science with a minor in animal science. He made the decision to attend the University of Tennessee partly because the research faculty made opportunities available to him immediately.

Joshua Dobbs

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Joshua Dobbs is a student athlete in the Chancellor’s Honors Program from Alpharetta, Georgia, studying aerospace engineering.

Caitlin McCleary


Caitlin McCleary is a senior in the Chancellor’s Honors Program. She is currently majoring in advertising and minoring in business administration. This Oak Ridge native has delved into a variety of opportunities at UT. She is currently the Marketing Director of the Central Program Council and a member of UT’s Ad Club. Caitlin has also been involved in the Women’s Coordinating Council, Lambda Student Union, Vox: Voices for Planned Parenthood, the Welcome Leader Program and the Honors Community Board.

Kenny Hsueh


Kenny is from Knoxville, Tennessee. He is pursuing a major in Computer Science.

Rebecca Fong

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Rebecca was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She is a Chemistry Major looking to go into Pharmacy one day.

Elisabeth Logan


Elisabeth Logan is a student in the Chancellor’s Honors Program from Covington, Kentucky.