The Chancellor’s Honors Program is the University of Tennessee’s largest university-wide honors program.  Our students represent 5-10% of all undergraduates and major in every discipline offered at the university.

Who should apply?

Chancellor’s Honors students seek enhanced and enriched academic challenges.  They are interested in developing their leadership capacity and they want to undertake faculty-mentored independent research.  They want to engage in international and intercultural learning.  They seek a community of scholars and they are committed to maximizing their intellectual and creative potential.

While admission to the Chancellor’s Honors Program is highly selective, we are not constrained by strict GPA or test score minimums.  Through our holistic review process, we seek a diverse group of top students, not a narrow range of top scores.  Even so, the typical Chancellor’s Honors student has earned excellent high school grades in a rigorous curriculum, scored on average a 32 composite ACT, and excelled in leadership, service, and other extracurricular activities.

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