Quincy Banks


Class of 2016
Biochemistry, Cellular, and Molecular Biology
LaVergne High School
LaVergne, TN

As a student in the Chancellor’s Honors Program, Quincy Banks can be found taking rigorous classes, studying around campus, and hanging out with the new friends he has made at UT.

Quincy is studying biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology. He decided to study biology because he finds the fact that tiny cells are able to communicate quite interesting. He appreciates his major because it relates to his interests and is fun. Additionally, it has many uses in medicine–a multitude of applications and ways to improve others’ quality of life. He plans to go to medical school after he attains his undergraduate degree, and he would like to become a pediatric cardiologist. He feels that UT is preparing him for this career path through its social and educational opportunities.

As an active honors student, Quincy likes how the Chancellor’s Honors Program has given him the opportunity to meet and hang out with like-minded individuals. Through the honors program, he has met many of his close friends. It has also provided resources and opportunities that he did not have until he came to UT, including exclusive classes and opportunities to participate in fun honors activities.

Quincy is very passionate about UT, especially since students and faculty are so nice and approachable. He appreciates the traditions and camaraderie of the campus and its students. He harbors much school spirit and realizes that it is great to be a Tennessee Vol.

[Written by Allison Sonnenberg]