Sarah Hall


Honors Ambassadors, VP of Operations
Honors Enrichment Fellow
Student Office Assistant

Class of 2014
Lebanon High School
Lebanon, Tennessee

A senior from Lebanon, Tennessee, Sarah Hall is an Anthropology major with a concentration in Disasters, Displacements and Human Rights.  She is also pursuing a minor in Spanish.   Sarah is the president of the Undergraduate Anthropology Association and volunteers for the Forensic Anthropology Center and the Anthropological Research Facility.  She spent June 2012 studying osteology in Romania and participated in an archaeological dig at French’s Tavern, a historic site, in June 2013.  Sarah is the Vice President for Operations for the Honors Ambassadors Program and works as a student assistant in the CHP.  She serves on the Dean’s Student Advisory Council for the College of Arts and Sciences.  Upon graduation, Sarah plans to pursue graduate studies.